Tre Re!   (Retrospective Re-Release)

Wednesday, October 16th, 2019 4:06 PM

New Tre-Re!! If These Walls Could Speak

I told you before that My Man is my favorite (recording) of mine—and it is—but I think this one might be the best? ~ If These Walls Could Speak. It´s more cohesive, & such an exquisite Jimmy Webb gem. From Jimmy W through Shawn Colvin, through the Shady Characters (then we were the Playtime band), to me, in my great good fortune to be able to interpret this jewel of a tune in Afro Brazilian rhythms, working with this stellar international band!

If These Walls started as Brazilian merengue (not the same as Caribbean/Mexican) but the feel evolved with the interpretation—and the meter changes so it´s very composed, jazz-like. Then in the 2nd part the rhythm changes to rock, except that Roberto also plays reggae guitar, making it more a rock-reggae blend. Voila!

And don´t get me started on the lyrics. . .
Come hear me perform it live and I´ll tell you the story!

Tuesday, May 28th, 2019 3:32 PM

New Tre-Re for you~ truly my personal favorite!

My Man

This Billie Holiday classic became like a manifesto for me—not as a straightforward expression of its lyrics but ironically, so as to point up how a woman (like me) can give her heart so wholly over to a man, and the way she does/ we do, such that love and passion cannot be separated.

But the principle manifesto is the French rap at the end, written with the help of Marina Urquidi—whom I just visited in France!

The 12 French couplets—the last "movement" of the My Man "suite"—portray my archetypes: the patterns of stories and characters I act out in my life, in my unique incarnation, to learn the lessons I must learn and to manifest what I can offer.*

But as one musician friend put it about this recording, "It´s all about the horns." For sure the horns—composed (arranged) by Liz Kinnon and played by Richard Mitchell, Jeff Bunnell, and Charlie Morillas—are so delicious, they heal the soul. Mine at least.

*I wrote about this on my site here, including the lyrics and their translation into English (scroll down just a little ):

Tuesday, March 26th, 2019 4:10 PM

New Tre-Re for Spring!

Waltz for Debby~

This one I do regularly.
What a song!

For starters, it´s a waltz! Songs in 3 are very special.

Most importantly, it´s Bill Evans! Recently somebody said to me they could always listen to him.
And Gene Lees wrote the lyrics—who (synchronistic for me) wrote English lyrics for great Jobim tunes, like Corcovado.

(I know, I´m sentimental.)

Kudos on this one go out to Art Alm, in all his understated unique flights of musical lines, and to favorite virtuoso bass player, Stan Poplin.

And there´s a secret in this recording—two secrets, actually: one is evident, a surprise, and the other is hidden. I´d love to hear from anybody if you perceive what these secrets are.

This has always been and will always be for my brilliant star daughter, Manjula.

Sunday, February 17th, 2019 11:28 AM

February Tre-Re for y'all~

Do Nothing 'Til You Hear From Me

I should be doing this song too—what a crazy song! Talk about having your cake and eating it too!

From the Softly CD, same recording sessions at Ridgetop Sound.

I love it—we had such fun with it, you´ll see.

Kudos to Tim Volpicella for working so thoughtfully with me on this arrangement.

Enjoy hearing these exquisite jazz artists get down/ get down/ get funky with this fat beat!

Saturday, January 19th, 2019 2:56 PM

January Tre-Re!

Softly, As In A Morning Sunrise

This song, the title track for this CD—recorded before I left Santa Cruz—was one of those songs that fits like a glove the first time you try it on. Not sure why I haven´t done it lately. I sort of have a penchant for that weird combination of minor and upbeat (secret torch singer that I am) and during our residency gig at the gorgeous Shadowbrook ("Martini Mondays"! :-) bassist Steve Smith would give me a look when I had too many songs on the list in the minor.

And it is a song about loss, about the high of new love in an affair, but then the devastation it wreaks in an already committed life.

Have to call out Scott Nordgren´s sax again in this one—wow—and consummate upright bass artist Stan Poplin, who does everything exquisitely and yet with restraint, always leaving you wanting more. And Tim & Steve trading with them. . .

Btw, if you want to hear the earlier Tre-Res, you can scroll down here.

Friday, December 14th, 2018 8:13 AM

December Tre-Re


Triste is one of my earliest Jobim tunes and a major mainstay for a long time. I should say, I believe Jobim is the reason I ever re-awoke to jazz way back in the day, and his songs remain the core of my repertoire—in fact I´m working on an all Brazilian-derived program right now [are you ready yet to do a house-concert party for your friends with me?].

And I must say heartfelt thanks to all you musicians who have helped me learn this music—an ongoing process for sure!

This recording I want to give a shout-out to Tim Volpicella for his exquisite guitar work. (Also he was the guiding musical force for the "softly" CD.)

Here´s a translation—but it is much more poetic in the Portugues!

It´s sad to live all alone
In the cruel pain of my passion
It´s sad to know that no-one
Can live by illusion
That never will be
Never will give
Oh dreamer, you have to wake up to this!
Your beauty is an airplane
Too much for a poor heart
That stops to see you walk by
Only to treat me badly
It´s sad to live all alone.

Thursday, November 15th, 2018 7:56 AM

November Tre-Re!

1 Softly
"You Go To My Head" was always a good song for me—in fact I'm going to do it again Thursday! :-) The song always put me in the zone, still does. I remember in the early 00s, Steve Peters, perhaps the best most reliable drummer in Santa Cruz Jazz Society circles, always asking me, "Do that Billie Holiday song you do..." Beginning with Tim Volpicella´s beautiful guitar and Scott Nordgren´s gorgeous tenor sax—then with the great Stan Poplin on bass, Art Alm on keys, and Steve Robertson on drums.

I particularly want to draw your attention to Scott's sax. He is a truly great, unsung artist who has suffered from serious health problems—Scott, sending love!

A fun little update: One of the lovely guys who work behind the meat & fish counter at my neighborhood market, Bob´s—his name is Brian—keeps this Softly CD in his car to listen to regularly—mainly because of this song, I think.
Enjoy! & drop me a line from my Contact page!